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Piano Keyboard 88 Keys

making music88 key digital piano

This Christmas past, I decided to get my son a piano. We don’t have room for a real piano, even a small upright piano would be too big. So, as a compromise I got him an 88 key keyboard from

Key Requirements

The most important thing for me was that it had to be piano like. By that I mean it had to mimic the way a real piano behaves. Luckily most of the ones on the website do this with aplomb.

I wasn’t sure if my son would take to it at first, because he sees his piano lessons as a form of school homework. But he’s really gotten into it now the holidays are over and his piano lessons have started again.

I think that because it’s ‘his’ keyboard he feels in control of it. And we haven’t forced him in any way, that has sort of worked to our advantage.

Choosing a keyboard for kids

child playingMy Son’s Loving It

The other aspect of a keyboard over a piano is that being electronic it can synthesis different sounds and that does keep him engaged as he’s really stepping beyond just the basic piano lessons.

Amazingly, and really only possible on an electronic keyboard, is that you can split the keyboard in half sound wise. So the high notes would mimic say an alto sax and the low notes could be a baritone sax. This would be too advanced for my son at this stage but I’m sure he’ll discover it soon and start experimenting.

Chord Progression for Youngsters

digital pianoToys for Christmas

He’s quite lucky in some ways, having lots of uncles and aunties all buying the usual toys and books for him at Christmas and birthdays. So that’s why I decided on something more cerebral. And thankfully is paid off.

There seems to be willingness to have his piano lessons now, whereas before Christmas I felt that resistance to go his lessons. Now I don’t have to cajole him anymore, which is perfect.