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Interior Designers – Feng Shui London

Here in North London, we’re always on the lookout for good Feng Shui interior designers and we found this one London interior design

Interior Designers

A standard interior designer is a fine choice for any interior space. They consider the requirements of the space, its purpose, its function. They then formulate a cohesive design around your likes and preferences.

The really good Interior designers, offer a complete range of services from just a design plan, for you to follow – to a complete, project managed, makeover. Which could be a house, a restaurant, an office or shop. Any interior space can be transformed by their services.

Pebbles in balanceThe Feng Shui Element

However companies like Kenza Design offer something extra – Feng Shui. This is not a common combination of skills as to become a Feng Shui master takes many years of dedication to learn all the skills. But the two disciplines complement each other perfectly.

The Five Feng Shui elements in your home

The Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui is all about our inner well being and our outer prosperity. Arranging all the elements around us to keep the body healthy and give good balance in your life. And the places we live in are very important. They needs to be purposely designed and set up in the right way to get the right levels of chi to flow through. When you combine the skill of a Feng Shui expert and that of an interior designer together, you get the best of both worlds. Delivered in a beautiful aesthetic way. With all the design elements working together, in harmony with the Feng Shui charms and cures providing balance.

Rules for Decorating he Feng Shui way

Interior Designer London

Good interior design covers a range of disciplines, from aesthetics to ergonomics to just good taste. The skill of the designer is to bring harmony into the space, while at the same time creating an interior that is practical and fit for purpose.

Interior design need not be that expensive, when taken in proportion to refitting a complete house, it’s quite a small cost. Especially as the cost of getting wrong could cost you a lot more.

Interior Design Ideas