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Luggage Sets Purple

Purple Luggage Set

purple hyacinthPurple and Me

I remember as a little girl that our house was filled (filled is probably the wrong word) with lavender hyacinths. A plant we grew indoors in pots. My choir as I got older, was to water these and make sure they stayed healthy and I really enjoyed that. Seeing something grow and then flower was fascinating to me. And that purple color had a special place for me and it’s now become my go to color for most things these days.

Purple – The Royal Color

Purple, I later found out, was one of the hardest colors to produce in times gone by. Producing a dye that would fix on fabric was very hard to do. The body of some type of beetle were used Cochineal Dye. This meant, certainly in the olden days, that purple colored clothing was extremely expensive and rare.

Hence purple garments, cloaks, etc; were only available to the very rich and in particular royalty. Kings and Queens throughout Europe could boast their wealth by having garments made in purple, ermine robes with a white fur collar and and deep purple cloak were in vogue.

One suitcase from my purple luggage setMy 3 Piece Luggage Set

I needed a new set of luggage a three piece luggage set fitted the the bill and to my delight I found this website Purple Luggage Set which presents the best purple luggage sets. This was really useful, it meant that I didn’t have to spend hours and hours reading reviews and checking features. If I liked what they presented I just clicked the button and bought the luggage set. Which is exactly what I did.

purple water lillyBut Why a 3 Piece Set?

They are not that expensive and when not in use they all sit inside one and other, which is a bonus. If I’m going somewhere by car I can use all three cases. If I’m flying then I use the two big ones. And if one should break, I still have the other two to keep me going.

I selected the purple hardside luggage set as I new I needed a tough quality product that was going to take the knocks on my frequent flights around the country. And the wheels are nice and chunky, very important are the wheels. I’ve found in the past that the wheels on my suitcases tend to stick or jam. Which means the suitcase no longer wants to go in the same direction as you and sometimes won’t go at all.

I’ve had this luggage set for four months now and so far so good. If your looking for other colors then go here colored luggage. Buying luggage, especially good quality sets is not cheap but it’s well worth the investment.