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My Photography Studio

Studio Set up

How it all Started

Like a few photographers I know, I started photography at college. Because camera equipment isn’t cheap I began with black and white film. The advantage of this was that me and my fellow students could buy really good camera bodies and lenses real cheap, because everyone,at the time, were going over to digital. Apart from the fact that the only electronic piece on my camera was the light meter everything else had to be set by the me. So that old Nikon camera did a lot to teach me the basics of my craft on.

Digital Age

After college I soon moved onto digital and although I marvelled at all the sophisticated software and camera capabilities, I felt I’d lost overall control. But I soon got the hang of the new technology. And because I like to be in control I decided to shoot in manual mode. Not everyone’s choice but it works for me.

Later as time went by I wanted to do more studio work. So I tentatively began buying lights soft boxes, light meters and the like to work with light and set things up just the way I like to get the best shot. And that’s what I do today, product shots mainly. Sometimes with models,sometimes not.

I went from a studio in a room in my house to a studio in a much bigger double garage, net to my house. The garage is great but lacks a bit of height, but it’s free. The next step will be to rent a proper studio with north facing windows, somewhere in the country where I live. But that’s for the future, when the amount of commissions I get make it work while.

But although photography is now a job for me, I still also include it as one of my hobbies. When I’m out and about I can be more creative, more adventurous. I suppose photography is in my blood.