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Photographers Photo Light Box

Photo Lightbox - Alarm ClocksImages for ebay

I’m an eBay seller and I take lots of photos of products that I then list on eBay.

When I started I was so pleased I could buy stock and list it on eBay within a few minutes. I’d use my phone and just upload the images to eBay, write a quick description, add the price and the terms – done.

It became apparent that my photos weren’t as slick as some of the other sellers. With things in the background, which made the image look cluttered, I just took photos in our small warehouse. The warehouse was quite dark so I always had to have use the phones flash and that made things worse.

Photo Lightbox - Pocket WatchBetter Images

If I was going to get serious I had to improve the images going onto eBay. Luckily I have a friend who’s a photographer and he showed me what I needed and how to set things up and use them. I didn’t want to become a photographer, just take better images.

I bought a Canon dSLR, nothing to grand just one up from entry level and a tripod. This was the base of the setup as he explained to me. A good camera to get quality images and a tripod to make the it rock steady.

The images certainly improved and the camera was now set, I could use low shutter speeds and not use the camera’s flash, which improved things a lot.

Photo Lightbox - pocket-watchI had to use a Photo Lightbox

But there was still something missing. Let’s say I felt my images could be improved. My photographer friend told me to get a my photo light box. But don’t go cheap, he said. Get something of quality and make sure it’s big enough to do handle the objects you want to photograph.

So he pointed me to this site Photo Lightbox Which have various models that give great results. The model I bought comes with its own set of lights as well. It didn’t take long to master and that was the missing piece I needed.

Choosing the right Light box

Now my pictures on eBay look really good, professional quantity. They look clean and uncluttered and it’s important that only the item I want to sell is in the shot and this is what the photo light box does with aplomb.

The quality also gives the customer the confidence that they’re dealing with someone that provides a quality service not some backstreet outfit. As a result sales have increased as well.

So setting up with some quantity photographic gear has definitely paid for itself. A worth while investment.

how to use lights with a photo lightbox