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Shona Sculpture

African Shona Sculpture - Ladies

My Sculpture

I love my Shona Sculpture, which we have on our the lawn at the front of the house. It’s an African sculpture imported from Zimbabwe, although you can now get then sourced here shona stone sculpture

The Old Bird Table

We used to have a bird table in the front but I always felt that looked a bit odd. I wanted something more impressive out front. We moved the bird table to the back in the middle of our little pond and I think out looks a lot better there, more natural. And also when we spend those late spring and early summer days in the garden, we get to see all our little visitors coming to the bird table.

All about Bird Tables

The New Sculpture

Once we moved the bird table we now had a gap in the front, which needed filling. It’s amazing how it is that when something was there and is taken away, that you realise that something is missing, I wanted to make a statement, a visual statement and I already knew that it was going to be a sculpture of some kind. But I didn’t want something too expensive, as for 1 – I couldn’t afford it, and 2 – it might get stolen or damaged in some way. Our neighbourhood is quite quite, we don’t tend to get any vandalism around here. But something valuable might be a temptation for somebody.

How to Place Garden Sculptures

African Shona Sculpture

When I can across the link above, I was fascinated by the range and types of sculpture on offer. The web site even has some details on how the sculptures are made African shona stone sculptures. Shona Sculpture has a real African feel to it as though the spirit of the African continent came with it.

Because they are all hand made, carved from stone, no two sculptures are every the same. Therefore the Shona Sculpture you buy will always be unique. Like ours is.
But above all the give us great pleasure and people always comment on them as they pass the house.

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