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Variable Temperature Kettle

Temperature Control Kettles

The world of commerce is always looking for ways to sell things to us. One way they do this is to create/invent new products that they think we want.

Sometimes this results in something completely new and that becomes a must have product. But most times the new product becomes a fad and slowly disappears, never to be seen again.

Evolving by Design

old fashioned stove kettlekettle whistleYet another approach is to take an existing product and enhances it in some way that makes it even more useful. This is quite tricky as most products that have been around for a long time tend to have reached their pinnacle of design. For example – how could you improve a hammer?

Well I’m going to direct your attention to the humble kettle. The kettle has been with us for a very longtime over a thousand years. It’s only function is to boil water. The addition of a whistle, attached to the spout, told you that the water had boiled.

A big step forward for the humble kettle was the use of an electric element. This allowed designers to provide a mechanism to switch off the electric, once the water had boiled.

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Now we have Variable Temperature Kettles

Today we have the variable temperature kettle. This is the latest innovation, what it does is to turn the kettle into a water heater. Yes, it can still boil water, fulfilling the kettles primary function but in addition it can heat water to any other temperature that it’s owner has set.

So you can set your kettle to heat water to any temperature you choose and the kettle will stop once that temperature is reached. Not only that, these kettles are designed to maintain that temperature for a short time. Meaning that if you’re delayed using the water straight away, you don’t have to reheat the water again, it will be at the temperature you set. Usually this period of time that the water is kept at the set temperature is approximately fifteen minutes.

Apps for a Kettle

iphone-6s-plusLove them or loathe them, we now live in the era of the smartphone. Everything that comes to us these days has its own app. And yes you guessed it, so do some variable temperature kettles.

These apps, which as you would expect, come for both Android and iPhone, are actually quite useful. If you fill the kettle with water then you can switch it on, wherever you are, set the desired temperature and the kettle goes to work. When the kettle has done its job, it will contact you via the app to let you know that the water is ready. phone apps explained

modern kettleThe Kettles Future is Assured

This is an evolution of the humble electric kettle which greatly extends the kettles usefulness. With the advances of modern tap design in the kitchen, where both boiling water and filtered cold water can be delivered instantly. Questions were being asked as to whether we still need a kettle at all.

The variable temperature kettle adds a new and very useful function to our kettles. Which means that the familiar kettle is still be with us well into the future. Kettle past and present