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Whole House Water Softeners

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There are some great inventions already in the 21st century. But for us, those that save time or makes our lives more pleasant, are the most useful.

Here we take a look at a device, which although simple, should be more prominently featured. We’re talking about household water softeners.

They’re small, require no maintenance and fit onto your water supply, converting it from hard to soft water. Occasionally, you have to refill the softener. Which are just blocks of common salt, one of the cheapest and abundant of the earth’s raw materials. Like the ones shown here

Antique Brass taps

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So why are they so beneficial to you?

Well hard water really is fairly destructive and it’s the reason that many water appliances (washing machine, dish washer and boilers) need to be replaced every five years or so.

Taps, showers, baths and sinks, all get a build up of limescale which are mineral salts contained in the hard water. These leach out off the water all the time but especially as the water gets hot.

The problem is always there and it gets worse as the years go by. The limescale deposits accumulate. With taps and stopcocks, the limescale, dissolved in the water, is able to penetrate the thread in these devices. Then just like glue, they seize up.

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Pipes clog on the inside, just like arteries clog with cholesterol, so water pipes in hot water systems clog with limescale. But you won’t ever see this but you’ll notice that central heating systems weren’t as hot as they once were.

But it gets worse, you see limescale stores heat, just like clay bricks do. When this limescale starts to build up on heating elements, a lot of heat energy is stored in the limescale deposit, which is acting as an insulator. The result, your feel cooler in your house even though you’re paying the same amount for your heating bills.

We’ve just shown you a few of the benefits here. There are many more. For more information about limescale, take a look here ??