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wireless charger for iphone

iphone being usedMy Old iPhone

I’ve had my current iPhone for three years now. I don’t really need to upgrade yet. What I use my phone for is basic texting and social media. I don’t really need a super camera on a phone I can do all that with my dSLR camera.

Although the new models do look nice. I can wait a bit before upgrading. If I lost the phone or it breaks then I’d have to upgrade but that’s an extreme situation which hopefully won’t happen.

iphone ready to goWirelessly

But looking at those new phones that Apple introduced I can see they have wireless charging and that is something I’d be quite interested to have.

A colleague of my has an Android cell phone, with wireless charging capability built in, just like the new iPhones. He has a wireless charger pad at home and one in the office, attached to his computer screen.

When he’s in the office he just puts the phone on the pad and it charges. He said that it charges quite slowly but then it’s on the charging pad most of the day. So it’s always topped up and ready to go. The best thing is, he said, that he rarely has his phone on a low charge anymore.

And he does the same thing at home puts the phone on the charger as soon as he gets home. This gives him two benefits the phone is already charging and he always knows where his phone is.

iphone workingI Want One

I decided I wanted what he had but I’m not an Android type guy, it has to be Apple. That’s when I found that you can get a kit, like the ones here That allows any iPhone charge wireless charging no matter how old the phone is.

So I bought one and it takes 30 seconds to fit and it works! It’s just so simple, now and just like my colleague I’ve got a charging pad at home and one in the office.

A really useful feature to have and recommended to anyone with an old iPhone.

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